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Be in control of where you live, how hard you work and how much you earn.

Work from home, wherever you live

INFINITY MIND provides Internet-savvy and soft-skilled professionals with an opportunity to work from home - wherever they live - and earn passive income as sales representatives. They can put in as many hours as they wish, making this position ideal for candidates studying, traveling, working casually or part-time. However, applicants wishing to work full time or already doing so, but aiming to earn extra income, are welcome to join. Irrespective of how many hours our account managers work for us, though, they must do so in a reliable, conscientious, and principled manner.

Even though this is a sales role, there is no pressure to sell. We don't want our account managers to over-promise and under-delivery. All we want them to do is find potential buyers with a need for what we have to offer and help them fulfill that need with us. We consider that key to "raving fan" customer service. 

We pay our account managers a generous 30% share of whatever their clients pay us. For example, if a client pays us 240 USD a month for a "Business Hosting" subscription, his account manager gets 72 USD each month, whether he is working or on leave. The remuneration is 100% performance-based.


Job Description

Formal Job Title

Account Manager


The Account Manager reports to the Sales Manager.

Job Overview

The job of the Account Manager is to identify sales leads, pitch INFINITY MIND products and services to prospective clients, maintain a good working relationship with them and turn them into customers.

The role revolves around good communication and includes duties such as:

  • Following up new business opportunities and setting up meetings
  • Planning and preparing presentations
  • Communicating new product developments to prospective clients
  • Contributing to the development of marketing literature
  • Writing reports
  • Providing management with feedback

Success Criteria

The success of the Account Manager is measured by the following criteria:

  • amount of revenue generated
  • customer satisfaction
  • customer retention
  • number of referrals per customer
  • quantity and quality of market intelligence provided to management

Required Technical Skill

In detail, we are looking for the following "technical" skill-set:

  • proficiency with MS Word and MS Powerpoint or similar
  • proficiency with social media
  • hands-on experience with websites such as blogs and forums
  • very good English skills, both verbally and in writing

Required Personality Traits

As far as personality is concerned we are looking for staff that :

  • is focused,
  • is efficient,
  • is reliable,
  • is conscientious,
  • pays attention to detail, and
  • is principled

If you fulfill these requirements and are interested, please send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please make sure to answer the following questions in your coverletter:

  • What is your current work situation?
  • What is your current income situation?
  • How much do you need/want to earn with INFINITY MIND and how much do you need/want to earn in total?
  • How much time per day/week/month would you be able to invest in working for INFINITY MIND?
  • How do you feel about our commission-only payment model?
  • What makes you think that working as a sales representative for INFINITY MIND will work for you, given your situation?
  • How confident are you that it will work for you and why?

We apologise for the personal nature of some of above questions, however, out of respect for our applicants' time, as much as our own and that of our clients, we need to make a reliable assessment of the likelihood of candidates being successful on this job before deciding to invest in them as new staff members.