The purpose of I.T. is and always was to save time and money.

Our extensions do exactly that.

InfinityGrab fetches content from almost any external data source, processes the imported information as required and writes it to Joomla articles or a variety of 3rd-party extensions.

1. Fetches content from almost ANY external data source

InfinityGrab is equipped with engines to import content from a growing number of sources, such as RSS feeds, Youtube, Google News, XML files and emails. Additional Engines for Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are currently under development.

InfinityGrab Pipe Manager

2. Reformats the grabbed informaton with smart processors

The extension is equipped with smart processors that can automatically clean up the content as required before passing it on to your site.

InfinityGrabber Processors

 3. Stores the cleaned content into Joomla content or a variety of 3rd-party extensions

The grabbed content can be written to Joomla content or a variety 3rd-party extension with the option to configure author alias, categories, keywords, publishing state, meta data, etc.

InfinityGrabber Adaptors

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