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InfinityWiki provides a Joomla site with the tightest possible integration with a MediaWiki site, not only creating a single user sign-on, but virtually turning MediaWiki into a Joomla component.

The content management system is amazingly flexible, especialyl when equipped with a CCK, such as K2 or EasyLayouts. However, turning into in a Wiki would not only mean reinventing the wheel but also a lot of work.

InfinityWiki merges Joomla and MediaWiki into one website. Both applications continue to exist, more-or-less, unchanged, which is great for upgrades. InfinityWiki runs MediaWiki inside Joomla's main content area, provides it with a "skin" and Joomla menu modules with all the necessary MediaWiki menu items that you normally find on its sidebar.

This product is still under development. Support our effort by becoming an early subscriber and receive the product for double the usual subscription period - for life - counting from its day of release.

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