State-of-the-Art Templates

Our templates don't just look great. They feature the latest in website technology and are tailor-made for the intended purpose.

Why templates from INFINITY MIND

Our templates are powered by state-of-the-art T3 and T4 technology. They fully integrate Bootstrap 4, are built with SASS and include following outstanding features:

  • Layout builder, to build flexible layouts in minutes,
  • Megamenu builder, to quickly build mega menus and manage navigation systems,
  • Theme customisation tool allows to easily customise fonts, colours and more.
  • Advanced tools such as custom CSS & SCSS editor, custom code, CSS & JS optimisation,
  • Native RTL (Right-to-Left) language support for websites using right-to-left languages like Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and others.

If you need a template for a purpose not yet covered on our website, don't worry. Just post a "private" sales inquiry on our support forum and brief us on your exact requirements. We will come back to you quickly with a great solution. One of the advantages of using our templates - other than they are excellent - is that we know them inside-out and have preconfigured websites with our templates plus the most commonly used extensions already installed. That means, you know exactly what you get and we can deliver your new site in a very short time using a backup of our fully-configured demo site.