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JA Symphony

Joomla template for Music, Band & Music Events

JA Symphony

JA Symphony is a premium Joomla Template for Music Band, Musician, Music events with creative design, extended audio and video content management system and inbuilt audio, video player.


music joomla template


Designed for Music & Band, Music Events

JA Symphony is suitable for all kind of Music & Band, Music Events, Musician websites. It supports audio and video pages.

Ready-to-use Music/Album page

It is easy to manage Music content using the Audio extended content type. You can add multiple audio file for an Album, each Audio has title, audio file, links to Apple Store, Amazon Music and Spotify Music.



music joomla template JA Symphony


music joomla template


Tour page with Video content and responsive embed

Build beautiful video page is easy with the inbuilt video layout with responsive embed and the extended video article that supports many popular video sources: youtube, vimeo, local video, Youku and more.

Multiple themes support

JA Symphony supports 4 themes by default, you can switch to any theme with 1 click from the theme setting panel. You can also customize style for any theme using the advanced theme customization tool.



music joomla template


JA Symphony


Responsive Joomla template

Fully integrates Bootstrap 4, JA Symphony is responsive at core and optimized for performance on mobile. Make your website look outstanding in all responsive layouts.

Supports all default Joomla pages

The Music & Band Joomla template supports all Joomla default pages with rich design elements and typography to help you build full functional websites faster.



music joomla template


music joomla template


Support RTL language layout

JA Symphony supports right to left layout that allows you build website in special languages: Arab, Persian, etc.