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InfinityImage allows Joomla administrators to free up valuable server space by moving select images to the cloud using services such as Amazon S3. The administrator can choose from a number of selection criteria such as directory and user. 

Orphan Management

Over the years, Joomla sites end up wasting a lot of disk space with images that are not or no longer used anywhere on the site. InfinityImage allows administrators to save that space by locating orphans and archiving them to the cloud for a period or straight away deleting them.

Image Right-sizing

Image scaling wastes page speed and disk space. InfinityImage resizes local images down to the size they are actually displayed in according to the HTML code used.

Force images to HTTPS

InfinityImage forces images to be displayed in HTTPS to prevent browser warnings saying that parts of a page were insecure.

Image Localisation

Hotlinking to images stored on someone else's website not only reduces page speed, it is also frowned upon by the webmasters of those sites because it steals their bandwidth, and sometimes causes them to enable hotlinking prevention. However, downloading those images to your local computer and uploading them to your server or the cloud is time-consuming. INFINITY MIND automates this tedious task.

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