AUD76.68 (US$59.00) each

InfinityShield changes the IP address of a Joomla website to the outside world. When the server contacts another server, its IP address gets swapped with an IP address on InfinityShield's VPN.

Of course, the server can still be contacted under the address published by its DNS. Locations to choose from in the VPN settings are the United States of America, Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and India. Please note that InfinityShield consists of two parts. A completely configurable VPN plugin which must be installed - once - on the server via SSH terminal and a Joomla plugin that can be used to conveniently modify its configuration.

Please note that our terms and conditions for the use of the InfinityShield service prohibit its use for spamming or other illegitimate - leave alone illegal - purposes. Its sole purpose is to help webmasters whose site is being blocked seemingly for no good reason. The most common cause is that their site’s IP address is on a subnet that is being blocked. This can happen if a server on the same subnet has been used previously for spamming purposes. InfinityShield users are liable for any damages caused by using InfinityShield for purposes excluded by its terms and conditions.

This product is still under development. Support our effort by becoming an early subscriber and receive the product for double the usual subscription period - for life - counting from its day of release.