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  2. InfinityGrab
  3. Friday, 10 January 2020
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InfinityGrab grabs any kind of content from the Internet or even your local server and publishes it automatically on your Joomla site. It can auto-post content to Joomla content or 3rd-party extensions such as K2, ZOO, VirtueMart, JoomShopping. In this post, we would like to give you an overview on how to automatically generate articles from RSS to Joomla content.

InfinityGrab posts content automatically through its pipes. You only have to set up these pipes once, and then you can forget about them as they take care of your auto-content.

The basic components of a standard InfinityGrab pipe are:

  • An Engine to grab content from a source and break it into fields that you then can use to generate your auto-content,
  • Some Processors to manage and edit the content fields coming from the Engine if necessary,
  • An Adapter to pass on the content coming from Engine and Processors to the Joomla content or a 3rd party extension.

The process can be seen in the table below:






 The engine crawls external sources to grab content.

For example, the RSSReader will crawl a RSS to get content from the RSS Feed.


The processors take the content coming from the engine and prepare them for input into the adapter.

  • making alias from content title
  • getting images from the original site

Processors are used to make changes to the content coming from the engine before passing it on to the adapter.

  Adapters bring the content coming from engine and processor in the right format for Joomla content or 3rd-party Joomla! Extensions, such as: K2, VirtueMart, ZOO,etc.. before storing them in the database. During pipe configuration, the Joomla administrator does the mapping between the fields returned by the processor to the fields that the adapter receives.


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