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  2. InfinitySubmit
  3. Friday, 17 January 2020
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InfinitySubmit connections are the plugins taking care of posting content coming from the adapters. Currently, we have connector to auto-post to:

  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Facebook Groups,
  • Facebook Pages,
  • LinkedIn, and
  • LinkedIn Groups

All those onnections interact with the social media account on your behalf. For Facebook, you need need an "App ID" and "App Secret" code, so that Facebook can authenticate them to confirm that they are authorised to post to your Facebook account. 

Thus information is available when your register an auto-posting Facebook App on https://developers.facebook.com. If you don't know how to get one, you should follow the instructions of Creating a Facebook Application fro Facebook auto posting before you continue.

If you've already had a Facebook auto-posting App, access it through the Apps menu on top of the https://developers.facebook.com homepage. Click on <<Show>> to display your "App Secret" code. You will have to provide your password again for verification purposes.

After getting your Facebook "App ID" and "App Secret", you can configure your Joomla site with InfinititySubmit to automatically post to Facebook.

Steps to setup InfinitySubmit for auto-post on Facebook Walls, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups 

1. First, access your Joomla website and go to Components >> InfinitySubmit >> Connections

2. You can choose one of the Facebook Connections to follow the instructions on this page. The configuration is pretty much the same, except for some minor details. 

  • The Facbook adapter will automatically posts new articles from your Joomla website to your Facebook Wall,
  • The Facebook Group adapter automatically posts to Facebook Groups that you can add later.
  • The Facebook Pages adapter automatically posts your Joomla updates to Pages that  you have manage on Facebook.

3. Connecting to your Facebook Account:

Log in with your Facebook normally with Foobla App

All you need to do is just clicking on that grey button and log in with your Facebook Account normaly through a pop-up window.

After logging in, please wait a few seconds for the browser to navigate back to InfinitySubmit Facebook Connection page. You will be able to see that your Facebook account has already been associated with your current Facebook connection.

After you have created your own Facebook App with all the account management authorities approved by Facebook, you are ready to use it for auto-posting articles on Facebook. Choose the blue button <<Connect with User App>> and continue with the steps below.

After the Facebook Connection "Settings page" is open, you will see boxes to enter your Facebook "App ID" and "App Secret". 

Paste your "App ID" and "App Secret" and click the <<Save>> button at the top. The next step will only work if you've given InfinityGrab valid information.

4. After the page finished reloading after the <<Save>> button is clicked, you will see a button that let you connect InfinityGrab to your Facebook account. This button may be different for each Facebook Connection, but generally it will appear in this place:

Button to connect your auto posting obGrabber to Facebook

5. Just click that button and give the InfinityGrab connection the right to manage your Facebook account through your auto posting Facebook application. After that it will be a little different for each Facebook connection.

  • For Facebook Connection, which only auto-submits Joomla articles to your personal Facebook Wall, you don't have to do anything else.
  • For Facebook Groups Connection, which will post on your behalf to groups you've joined on Facebook, you will have to click a <<Load Feacebook Groups>> button and pick the Facebook Groups to which you want to submit automatically your Joomla articles.
    Load Facebook Groups and pick the ones you want to submit Joomla articles automatically on
  • For Facebook Page connection, the button says <<Load Facebook Pages>> and when clicking you will be navigated to where you can check which Facebook Pages you want to post automatically on with InfinitySubmit.
    List of Facebook Pages you can pick to post automatically on will appear after clicking on Load Facebook Pages
  • After this step, we are generally done with the initial setup for an InfintiyGrab Facebook connection.

6. Some minor settings are also available to control the format of your posts on Facebook.

  • For all 3 of these connections, you can set the description length for a post updated on your Facebook.
  • For Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages, you can choose the post type for your Facebook update.
    Set Post Type for your automated Facebook updates
  • In case you've chosen the upload photo option for your post type, you can include a default image to use whenever the submitted Joomla article does not contain an image. Just upload the image somewhere to get an URL and paste it into the default image option.
    Paste image URL to use as Default Image for Photo Upload Post Type

7. Now Save and Close your InfinitySubmit connection. We are now done with its setting. You can test your connections from your InfinitySubmit dashboard

Test how obSocialSubmit Connections post automatically on your Facebook

Check the Facebook connections you want to test auto posting with, type a message in the box above and click the <<Post>> button. When the Post Success message appeared, you can go to your Facebook Wall, Groups or Pages to check these updates.

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