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  2. InfinityGrab
  3. Friday, 10 January 2020
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  • In the InfinityGrab admin Dashboard, click Items link > New button
  • Select RSSReader as Engine
  • Enter Feed URL
  • Select K2 as Adapter > Select Categories where the items will saved in
  • Save (before select and config the Processers you must select Engine and Adapter then Save)
  • Select the Processors like the screenshot.
  • Configure Input Fields and Output Fields for selected Processers and Adapter.
  • Set "Make list" in setting of "Get Images" Processor to Yes > to save first image to image Tab of K2 item.
  • (Option) If you have Youtube procesor then Using embed output field from Youtube processor for video tab field in K2 adapter.

infinitygrab k2 video

  • Save & Close
  • Click Post in the Pipes Listing to test the results. If you want this to be automated, please configure the Cronjob settings in "Settings" menu.


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