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  3. Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Twitter Connection is the innitial Connection in an InfinitySubmit system. It will take care of auto posting articles from your Joomla website (indicated in the Setup of your Adapters) to your Twitter account. 

To create and setup a Twitter Connection, you need to access InfinitySubmit Connection Control Panel. Just go to Components>>InfinitySubmit >>Connections.

Open Connections control panel to setup Twitter Connection for auto posting

After the Plugin Manager page is loaded, click <<New>> and you will be navigated to where you can Choose Connection Type.

Twitter Connection Configuration for auto posting 

Twitter uses OAuth to provide authorized access. For posting on a Twitter account automatically, you will need to resigter your auto posting application on Twitter Apps. There is no need to create an Application for every Twitter account you want to post automatically on. You only need to registre ONE auto posting application. However, you should pay attention to the Twitter API Limits, which reduces the number of updates to 1000 per day. 

Twitter API is required for auto posting on a Twitter account

1. Create a Twitter App for auto posting Joomla articles to a Twitter account.

1.1. Login to your twitter account and go to http://apps.twitter.com. If you have not sign up as a developer, the page will prompt you to do it. You may have to login again for confirmation. After you can access the page, click the <<Create New App>> button. 

Create a new application for auto posting on Twitter

1.2. You will be navigated to the create an application form. Just fill all the required information, check the box to agree with Developer Rules of the Road and hit <<Create your Twitter application>>.

Fill the form to create a new Twitter application

1.3. After you've received the notice that "Your application has been created", go to the Permissions tab to change the Access-level of your application, so that it can update your Twitter on your behalf.

Change the Access level of your application after creating with the Permission tab

1.4. When you get to the Permissions tab, just choose the Read and Write mode for your application and hit <<Update Settings>>

NOTICE: due to a new policy from Twitter, only user accounts with phone number can change the Access-level of their applications to Read and Write. To update your Twitter account with a mobile phone number, go to your Twitter profile settings and go to the Mobile menu on the left. You will be able to add your Mobile phone number there.

Add mobile phone number so that you can change your application Access Level

1.5. When you have sucessfully changed the Access-level of your application to Read and Write, go back to its Management page on your Twitter Application page. You will see your Consumer key (API key) an Consumer secret (API secret) in the API Keys tab.

Your Consumer key and secret can be retrieved from the API Keys tab on the Application Management page

2. Connect obSocialSubmit Twitter Connection and your Twitter app

2.1. Copy these information back to obSocialSubmit Connection Manager, give your Connection a name and Save it.

2.2. After saving, the <<Connect to Twitter>> button will appear in your Connection Basic Settings tab. Click it to connect your auto posting system to your Twitter account through the application you've just created on Twitter.

Connect your auto posting system on Joomla to your Twitter account

2.3. After clicking the Connect button, you will be navigated to the Authorize Form. Input your Twitter username and password there and click <<Authorize App>>. After this you will be automatically redirected back to obSocialSubmit Connection Manager page.

The auto posting system on Joomla is now connected to your Twitter account

2.4. You can see that the Twitter account is now connected to the auto posting system on your Joomla site. Just Save and Close your Connection. We are done with its Settings.

There is a panel for you to manually test InfinitySubmit Connections on the Dashboard.

Test Twitter Connection manually

Activated Connections wil be listed below the text input box. Just check the ones you want to test and click Post. The message in the text box will be automatically posted on the social networks in the Connections you've chosen.

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